Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Imaging

A nuclear medicine scan is a type of imaging that uses tiny amounts of radiation to identify diseases, infections and abnormalities inside the body. The radiation exposure to your body from nuclear medicine imaging is very small, typically less than or equal to an X-ray. It is a safe, painless and effective form of medical imaging that has been used by experienced nuclear radiologists for many years.

Nuclear Medicine Procedures

The radioactive tracer doses are given to patients by mouth or small injection. A specialized gamma camera then follows the radioactive materials to create images that are evaluated by our fellowship-trained radiologists. Types of scans that utilize nuclear medicine technology are PET scans, bone scans, lung scans and more.

Why You Should Trust Us

At Gainesville Radiology Group, we provide professional and accurate nuclear medicine interpretation to patients across North Georgia. Since 1973, we’ve entrusted some of the most advanced technology into the hands of our highly skilled and caring physicians and healthcare professionals. Whether you are seeking care for yourself or your family, Gainesville Radiology Group delivers complete and convenient personalized care.