Interventional Radiology

What is Interventional Radiology?

Interventional radiology, sometimes called image-guided therapy, is a sub-specialty of radiology in which our providers utilize medical images to guide minimally invasive surgical procedures. With this procedure, our fellowship trained physicians can diagnose and treat patients using the least invasive techniques available today with an alternative to surgery.

Gainesville Radiology Group’s Interventional Radiologists are board certified, subspecialty-trained members of our community, which means we are easily accessible to you and your primary care doctor for consultation. All of our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Radiology and Gainesville Radiology Group is proud to be the only group in Northeast Georgia offering interventional procedures.

What Are the Benefits of Interventional Radiology Procedures?

These procedures are minimally invasive and more precise. This allows our physicians to prevent as much damage as possible to surrounding organs and tissue. Because of the smaller incisions, these interventional techniques are less painful than regular surgeries. Recovery times are typically shorter for patients with this procedure with very small to no scars. Often, hospital stays are not required.

Types of interventional radiology procedures performed at Gainesville Radiology Group:

  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization (used to treat fibroid tumors of the uterus)
  • Kyphoplasty (used to treat spinal compression fractures)